Life Coach Emphasizes the Positive at Monthly Women's Group

A certified life coach holds monthly discussion groups for women in mid-life and beyond.

A Crestwood-based life coach offers a chance for women in mid-life and beyond to bond with others and take a more positive approach to life.

Known as the face of Spa Sanctuary for Women, Janet Gray also hosts a monthly group called the Wise Women Courageous Circle. Gray said it's a chance for women to "change their thinking so they live a life of choice not chance... which results in them living the life they love."

"We meet to discuss how we can live a more joy-filled life by using spiritual/Godly life tools.  It's not about quoting the Bible or concentrating on religion... it's about using the key tools God gave us to stay in gratitude and peace," Gray explained. 

The ladies work to examine life challenges with a 'positive slant,' and complete a monthly project.

Their at 6:30 p.m. Learn more by checking out Gray's website under the Women's Circle tab.  Contact Gray at 314-578-1385 to join.


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