Truman Students Share Examples of Courage, Integrity, Patience

Truman students discuss Courage, Integrity and Patience

In today’s Lindbergh Character Education blog, Truman Middle School students share examples of Courage, Integrity and Patience. They also suggest new character words for consideration.


  • My uncle shows courage. He’s deployed for the second time in his life in Afghanistan. He shows courage because he goes out every day and could get killed, but still does. Courage is important, because if nobody had courage then our country wouldn’t be free. He is an Army Specialist. – Will
  • I think firemen have a lot of courage. While a house is on fire, they run in to save people. When the people are in trouble, they save them. My arm got stuck behind a china cabinet, and a fireman saved me. That is why firemen show courage. – Kienan


  • Erin shows integrity, which is hard to see. She is always helping clean up one of my teacher’s rooms without being asked. She also demonstrates patience because she has to deal with me. – Hailey


  • Mrs. McCartney shows patience when she waits for people in her class. – Drew
  • Mrs. Kuehn has patience. She keeps her cool in our class where there are mostly crazy-acting boys. Patience is very important, because if you aren’t patient, then you could get stressed a lot. – Jeremy
  • Patience is important because it keeps us calm and going. My mom shows patience by putting up with me all day, and not screaming at me and pulling her hair out. – Kieran
  • My cousin Jillian shows patience. She has two sisters and she is the oldest. She has to be patient with them. When it comes to the computer, each of the sisters take turns and Jillian is very patient by waiting her turn to use the computer. Jillian is also patient when she wants to swing on the swings. When they are full she waits for her sisters to finish swinging and then she swings. – Claudia
  • Patience is a very important character trait to keep. Patience is when you are waiting for someone to finish their conversation with the person you want to talk to. Patience is also waiting your turn in life calmly without getting frustrated. That is why I think patience is a very important character trait that should stay. – Claudia

Character traits students feel should be added:


  • One person that shows friendship is Alfie. He shows it by being nice to everyone. He makes friends with almost everybody. Alfie is kind to all his friends and more people. When people are mean to him and he’s trying to be nice he just walks away. He’s the nicest person I know. – Drew


  • I think my dad shows perseverance. My dad fought in Iraq in the war. My dad was in the Army and knew he had to come home one way or another. He was gone for six months. At one point they told us he was coming home, but he didn’t show up. Later we found out he couldn’t come home. He is Neil Sullivan and is a colonel now. – Will
  • My dad shows perseverance because he works all day to get work done. Every day he works for over eight hours. Without my dad working nothing would get done around the house. He not only works at his job, but at our house too. He never complains about it though. When he gets home he always has time and energy to talk and hang with us too. I find it hard to think how he wakes up every morning and does all this. He is really an example of perseverance. – Will
  • One person who demonstrates a good amount of perseverance would be Mrs. Gloss. Mrs. Gloss showed perseverance because when bad things happened she didn’t hang her head. She raised it up and kept it held high. Her house burned down. Did she stop trying? No! She got up and kept on trying. Another time when Mrs. Goss showed a great amount of perseverance was when her best friend died. She got through it while most people probably would have stayed in their bed all day and thought about that person. It’s hard to demonstrate perseverance. I mean, imagine if your house burned down and your friend died. Mrs. Gloss will probably always show perseverance, because after all this she held her head high and continued on with her life. – Hailey
  • Perseverance is important, because if no one stuck with anything no one would be great. If Albert Einstein cared what people said and gave up there’d be no E=MC2. If Michael Jackson gave up, he would not have been a legend and remembered forever. – Kieran
  • I think perseverance would be good. I think this because you can’t get anything done without it. We have goal-setting, but goal-setting isn’t achieving. Perseverance is achieving. – Will
  • Perseverance should be one of the character traits. Perseverance is important because it keeps students going and gives us a goal. Perseverance is great for students. It is a word that gets us through. – Carson
  • I think perseverance should be a character trait that should be up there. If no one had perseverance, then the human race wouldn’t be where we are today. Perseverance teaches kids to stay on topic and keep up with things. – Jeremy
  • One person that shows perseverance is my sister, Lucy. My sister is a junior in high school. We get home around 3:30 p.m. and my sister gets ready for work. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, my sister works either from 5-8 p.m. or 5-9 p.m. On Tuesday and Thursday she tutors after school until 4 p.m. and has work off. After work, she does her homework and goes to bed around 11 p.m. or 12 a.m. My sister is very busy but still manages to get good grades. – Carson
  • A person that shows perseverance is my mom. She shows perseverance because she teaches at St. Lucas School and also has time for family. She’s always making great dinners and helps with homework. She also lets us play ice hockey and drives us to all of our games. She cheers me up whenever I’m sad and might be helping one of my brothers at the same time. She is a great pre-school teacher and a great mother. That is why my mother shows perseverance. – Jeremy
  • Lori Chalupny shows perseverance every day of her life. She started off as a young girl who loved soccer. As she got older she kept working on her skills of soccer and never gave up on her goals. She eventually worked so hard that she earned herself a spot on the national team. She worked so hard with the team and never giving up that she earned a starting position. Since Lori never gave up her dreams she became a very successful soccer player. Kids all over the United States have come to love Lori Chalupny. Lori was born and raised in St. Louis and became a world famous soccer player. – Maddie
  • Perseverance is important and should be added to the list of character words because it tells you to never give up on anything. Kids at school should have perseverance in everything they do, like homework, tests, and activities. Never giving up is very important because sometimes you have to work extra hard to get where you want to be in life. If perseverance was added to the character words than I think more kids would try harder in school and live by never giving up. Lots of teenage kids give up every day on something, but if they keep trying at something they could learn how to do it or get better at it. Perseverance should be added to tell kids and adults to never give up. – Maddie


  • A person that shows sportsmanship is the lady on the U.S.A. Olympic swim team. She showed sportsmanship because right before her race a girl on the other country’s team ripped her swimsuit. The U.S. swimmer had an extra suit with her so she let the girl borrow it. This shows sportsmanship because she could have just let the girl swim with her suit ripped, but she wanted it to be fair so she let her borrow her suit! I chose this person because I am a swimmer and I know the feeling that you really want to win and the ripped suit could have been an advantage to the U.S. swimmer, but she didn’t take it! When that happened, it got world media and it was a good kind of media. With the help of the U.S. swimmer all the swimmers swam to their full advantage! – Colleen
  • I think sportsmanship should be one of our words of the month. I like this because in Lindbergh we play many sports and sportsmanship is needed in everything. – Colleen


  • Walt Disney is a great representative for the character trait, visionary. He said, “It all started with a dream and a mouse.” He never gave up and had the dream to have it come to life. Walt started Disney World on a huge swamp and now it is the most magical place on Earth. Kids can go to Disney and see that dreams do come true because Walt’s did. When you dream, dream big and it can come true. That is why Walt Disney is a great representative for the character trait, visionary. – Emily
  • Visionary is an important character trait that needs to be added. It lets people’s dreams come to life and lets more citizens have a voice in society. There aren’t many visionaries, but we need to start with little kids knowing how to think outside the box and look farther into the future. If we have more visionaries, then the world will become a better place. As we look more into the future we will come up with new technology and ways of life. Someone could come up with a way to cure cancer or be first to walk on Mars. If little kids have bigger more extravagant dreams they will accomplish more in life. It all starts in my generation. This is why visionary is a great and important character trait that needs to be added. – Emily


  • I think friendship should be added. Friendship is one of the best. Friends help you have every single trait, especially cooperation. Without friends you would be nowhere in life. – Kienan


  • I would chose loyalty because you need loyalty to get through life. Loyalty helps you stick to things whether it’s a project or friendship. Loyalty also improves other characteristics. – Hailey

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