Flip Flops or Sandals: The New Great Debate

Patch has had Food Fights, Friday Food Critic and the very passionate Provel cheese debate. But I have strong feelings about sandals versus flip flops.

Flip-flops or sandals? 

For me there is no question. Flip-flops are great (or thongs for those of us old enough to remember that term when it did not mean indecent exposure of the nether-regions).

They are practical, easy to wear--and super cute. As soon as the weather heats up, I'd venture to say that flip-flops are the top shoe choice, replacing the popularity of the Croc-style shoes of just last year. Whereas sandals are female-wearers dominant, men can wear flip-flops because there is a plethora of styles for them, too.

Despite me being pro-flip flops in theory, I am still a dedicated sandal shoe wearer. For me it's not aesthetic. I have an aversion to the feel of the strap between my toes. No matter how many times I try to get comfortable in them, I just cannot. Taking it one step further, I don't understand the separating the big toe in it's own little 'home' and then still having a strap dividing my toes. Cannot do it.

The only exception to my rule is to and from the public pool. I do wear my only pair of flip-flops. But with each step, against the pavement I am screaming inside "ew, ew, ew." I loathe each step I take. Want to torture me? Buy me a pedicure. Yep, my feet are that picky.

So, readers, what about you? Are you a passionate flip-flopper, or do you prefer the comfort of sandals (where my feet can do the happy dance) Or, do you wear the once popular Croc-style shoe or stay with your every-day tennis or walking shoe?

You know where I stand. What are on YOUR feet this hot, sticky summer of 2012?

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Lisa Grimes July 08, 2012 at 02:52 PM
I hated crocs - but I love croc flip flops! They have more support for us old people. I, too, don't like the thing between your toes, but have found I get somewhat used to it. I found croc sandals with nothing between the toes this summer and I am in footwear heaven.


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