Centrum Properties Presents Crestwood Court Redevelopment Plan

‘The District at Crestwood’ is the proposed name for the new development.

The focal point of the redeveloped could be a multipurpose plaza that will host concerts; farmer’s markets; book fairs; arts and crafts, dance and theater. After months of waiting, Centrum Properties finally unveiled their proposal for the defunct Crestwood Court at this week’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

Sol Barket of Centrum presented the concept Tuesday night. He and his brother grew up in the area, and he said that Crestwood Mall used to be the “mall of choice.” 

“It was always ‘our mall.’ This wasn’t just something we pursued because dollar signs were in the air. It was the opposite—it is sentimental and something very unique and special,” he said.

The proposal hinged on the fact that families have become closer and stronger. They no longer want to drive far and want to support local establishments, especially in the “strong and loyal” community of Crestwood. Centrum’s goal is to create something unique and special for the entire St. Louis region, to be a true outdoor community focused on family entertainment and community gathering.

Barket realized that people in the community are concerned and frustrated. He said that Centrum is not there to create a new core; they only want to create a unique experience for the existing core.

Besides the TIF, Barket said that this could be a $100 million project. In the proposal, most of the current site would be razed and reconstructed. The space that was formerly Macy’s would stay and be redeveloped into a fitness club, grocery store and cinemas. A comedy club or other types of live theater uses also are possible under the new plan. 

The former Dillard’s garage under the Centrum plan would be a new “Toby Keith’s Bar and Grill.”

Crestwood Mayor Jeff Schlink said that one of the things that people are going to get hung up on is that part of the existing property will be torn down.

"I think you need to reiterate that you aren’t putting a mall in here, you are putting in an entertainment complex," Schlink said.

The proposed redevelopment includes 310,000 square feet in phase one. There is a second proposed phase, which could include more space and housing. Centrum said that they are still working on proposed details of the second phase, however the first phase is designed to connect to the second phase.

Residents will have a chance to speak at an upcoming town hall meeting regarding the renovation. Date to be determined.

John Dough June 14, 2012 at 11:49 AM
No mention in the article was made of timeline or how the project would be financed.How many businesses have commited to moving into the new property?.Did the Board of aldermen and Mayor aprove the concept and or the plan? Did Aldermann Miguel ask about the lighting?....to be continued......
Alyssa Stahr June 14, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Ha, John this is just a first attempt at an idea. There will be a town hall to discuss further. TIF financing will be a part of it. The Toby Keith restaurant was the only business mentioned by name.
John Dough June 14, 2012 at 05:12 PM
I hope somebody asked Toby first...!....Won't new restauraurnts take business from the already struggling (loyal to Crestwood) restauraunts along Watson road?..anyway having seen the Planning commitee in Crestwood in action I would say we are looking at 2016.....so they shouldn't panic yet.
shawn harrington June 18, 2012 at 08:44 PM
A grocery store does not sound appealling at all. I've been talking to other people about this reconstruction of crestwood mall, the business people would like to see is a Dave and Busters. Along with a arcade for kids ,expanded movie theatre, assorted restaurants, comic stores. Eating outside sounds good as does the concerts.
Michele T. Smith July 02, 2012 at 07:06 PM
Have the Crestwood Court owners done any type of demographic research or a marketing feasibility study for this site? It appears they have not done one recently as there are a lot of redundant offerings for the proposed tenants. Specifically, they mentioned adding a grocery store, but there are two within two blocks of the site and another within a 1/4 mile. They mentioned a bowling alley (of sorts), but there is Crestwood Bowl. A health club was mentioned, but there are three: Finney's All-in-One, Curves, and 24-Hour-Fitness within two blocks of the proposed location. Adding more of the same does not make it a sound and supportable venue. Something for older residents as well as for children would be welcomed. On another front, if the owners were to tie in the Route 66 name, it might "put it on the map" as it were, as many people love to visit Route 66, from I-55 in Chicago to the Santa Monica Pier in CA. It sounds like the owners were in a hurry to submit something to the Crestwood Board of Alderman as the patience of the Board has been understandably wearing thin, not to mention the coffers of the Crestwood government, and the patience of long-time Crestwood residents whose property values have plummeted and taxes have increased.


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