What's the Future of Crestwood Court?

Lone tenants, community are still in a holding pattern, await a decision on the future.

On a gloomy Monday, no news seemed to be not good news for . Even though many storefronts still appeared, the once-thriving mall was still a ghost town, save for a dozen or so mall walkers and soft rock pop music piping through the air.

Only three stores had any semblance of life still inside of them. A woman opened , turned on the lights, but kept the gate down as she worked inside. employees worked to move empty shelves with no clothing left on them. 

Many stores appreared to still have merchandise inside, however the lights were off and the telling chain doors were down. 

The only store to see a sign of thriving life is , who still have seven years left on their lease.

"All I know is we aren't going anywhere," said Michael, the store manager. "Business is great—we would just like to know what's going to happen."

Eyewear Consultant Shannon said that is definitely the question they get multiple times a day, and it would be great to be able to tell customers something.

Mall walker Lois said that she thought having an outdoor facility was a done deal. , owner of Crestwood Court, has yet to come to the Board of Aldermen with a proposal.

"I haven't walked here in three weeks," Lois said. "I wondered if it was still even going to be open."

John Dough May 08, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Less mall traffic has caused a Domino effect in Crestwood..(note the latest victim is the closing of the Kentucky Fried Chicken store on Watson).. This coupled with the inability of the Crestwood leadership to actually lead has resulted in a declining tax base . The Crestwood electorate is loath to approve any tax increases as many are on a fixed income. Younger families are leaving for greener pastures. No cuts in spending have been put forward at aldermanic meetings . A "Why don't we raise just the sales tax" mentality seems to prevail. Sadly that doesn't work if people don't visit Crestwood to shop. Perhaps it is time again for an independent city audit . I doubt if the courage remains to do that in Crestwood.
Stephanie May 10, 2012 at 09:59 PM
The heart of Crestwood is becoming a ghost town. It is sad that all tax increases are being discouraged because the reputation for the city is going down at a rapid pace, which will in turn affect home values. It will not be soon before we see more crime related incidents on the abadoned properties. I think Crestwood has much going for it in terms of location. The mall area and biking trail could make it possible for a development that would attract young families because it is not spread out as far as places such as Fenton. I hope the developers would consider an area such as downtown Seaside florida for inspiration of a shopping zone that is colorful, enviromrntal and family friendly that could also align with the original spirit of Crestwood. Something does need to be done soon before we lose more business! I hate to imagine what the heart of Crestwood would look like a year from now at its declining pace.


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