Growlers Pub Tweaks Menu—What Do You Think?

A new menu and changes to the beer selection at the Sunset Hills’ restaurant have prompted a variety of reactions from longtime customers.

Last week Patch asked readers to of for our Friday Food Critic feature.

The timing, it turned out, was advantageous. The Sunset Hills pub, which is currently in the running for in Patch’s Readers’ Choice poll, told their Facebook fans on Aug. 3 they debuted a new menu.

“It features many of the items that you requested, plus a few more. We heard you all loud and clear! Also, stay tuned: Don't rip up your beer cards yet....our Beer Card program/promotion is on it's way.”

Feelings on the changes range the polarity from love to hate, including a Facebook page requesting management return the menu and beer selection to its former state.

Several more commenters across these platforms simply want to know, What exact items have changed?

Artichoke dip, blackened grouper, buffalo strips, fish and chips, mac and cheese, portabella sandwich, scotch eggs, and white chicken chilli have been removed from the menu, according to customer reviews on Facebook and Yelp. Nachos have also been removed as a regular item.

Growlers management has not responded to a request for verification from Patch (and as some of you know, ), but their menu is posted to the Growlers website to check out new items.

Kate Russell said on Patch she had an “awesome experience” at the pub recently.

“The food was tremendous and the atmosphere was dynamite. I recommend getting the wings for an appetizer followed by the tuna steak...yummy!”

Some longtime customers aren’t proponents of the changes. Grumblings about changes began on Facebook and Yelp in early July. Customer Matt Bowler founded the “Restore Growlers Greatness” Facebook page soon after. He publicized the page on Patch and Riverfront Times’ directories.

A new beer card system is pending, according to Growlers’ Facebook page, but some customers have run into issues with their current cards.

“I have 101 out of 131 and I was told none of the beers on the menu would count,” said Growlers Facebook fan Mick Dean.

What have other customers had to say?

  • “Our server, Mike, did a great job.  He explained all the happy hour specials and was quick to fill up our pints. I would definitely go back to Growler's for drinks in the beer garden.... Will skip the food next time.” –TJ, on  Yelp
  • “The menu items that I came for are all gone, most of the beers I drank are all gone…. Sorry to say but until I hear things change Growlers is no longer on my list of restaurants to even frequent, much less be a regular visitor of.” –Robert Winkelmann, on the Growlers Facebook page
  • “I would also like to think that if the [artichoke] dip isn’t coming back that someone could at least put out the recipe for it so it doesn’t fall into the black hole of undocumented history. PS. very VERY disappointed!” –Amy Allen,
  • “I'm sure I'll be in to try the new stuff when I'm feeling more adventurous.” –Matt Jones, on Growlers Facebook page
  • "Say it isn't so! I just bought a house that is almost a stumbling distance to Growler's." –Leigh Taylor, on "Restore Growlers Greatness"


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Karlie Baker August 10, 2012 at 12:45 PM
Some of the comments I plucked out only skim the conversation that's occurring. I link to the original sources above so you can add your own comments to these pages if you wish!
Jessica Meyer August 10, 2012 at 03:21 PM
I enjoy growlers greatness two or three times a week. The food went from frozen msg loaded awfullness to a more local focus that is quite tasty. Anyone who knows anything about beer would tell you the beer menu has a more local and seasonal focus as well. Tell me a great beer bar that doesn't feature a russian imperial stout on tap... Growlers didn't before. Just ask todd or andy behind the bar and you will be more than satisfied with the fresh new trend at the pub


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