Hostess Cravings? Maggie's Has Your Cupcake Fix

This local restaurant is filling a gap created by the Hostess bakery shutdown.

With the Hostess bakery shutting down due to labor problems, leaving sweet treat eaters in a bind without any Twinkies or CupCakes to consume, the bakers at Maggie's Lunchbox, 867 Horan, Fenton, have partially filled the gap. Displayed large and proud at the restaurant's front counter are what it calls Mostess Cupcakes.

 The familiar treat is larger than the Hostess version, but the chocolate treat sports the familiar twirling design on top of rich chocolate icing that covers the top. The size makes it more than just a snack cake, but its appearance promises mouth-watering yummy goodness.

The Mostess Cupcakes are $2.50 apiece and can be ordered as a nostalgic Christmas gift item as long as it's ordered a day in advance.


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