Mile 277 Sand Volleyball Court Denied

Sunset Hills' Planning and Zoning Commission denied the conditional use permit due to nearby office park opposition.

After reaching its one-year anniversary, at the co-owner Keith Rhodes thought it was time for an expansion.

Rhodes argued that there was a need for a first-class sand volleyball facility in the area. Plans for a venue were made, however at the March Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, not everyone agreed that an outdoor court was a good idea.

Several tenants of the Sunset Hills Office Park spoke in opposition of the volleyball venue at the March meeting. Opposing arguments included noise level, excessive drinking, parking, possible litter and diminished access to the office park. 

At the March meeting, Rhodes asked for the vote to be postponed until he could have an informal informational meeting with his concerned neighbors. That meeting took place March 28.

Rhodes reported back to the April meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission, stating that 31 meeting participants favored the new volleyball court plan, 21 had no comment, two hadn’t heard of the plan and one was opposed.

He then showed a PowerPoint presentation of photos of damage that was within the office park, arguing that it wasn’t as pretty of a picture as dissenters had portrayed.

Many of the same opponents spoke at the April meeting, and after almost no discussion amongst Planning and Zoning members, the conditional use permit and plan was not approved.


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