Pints and Rails Tavern Receives Conditional Use Permit

Despite noise concerns from nearby Crestview Senior Living, the Crestwood Board of Alderman granted the request.

Crestwood business owner William Winkler has been in a pool league for the past nine years and wants a place to call home.

At this week’s Board of Aldermen meeting, he requested to open a bar in the Hillside Village Center. The current space has never had a tenant. Winkler also owns the , in Crestwood for almost 20 years.

The bar, “Pints and Rails,” would cater primarily to pool and dart players and their respective leagues.

Mike Longfellow from Spectrum, who developed , was requested to come and speak to express concerns with use at the location.  Concern for the hours of operation, asked for a 10 p.m. close.

“When we developed this community we understood that we were going next door to an existing retail area and we understood the hours associated with that and that was really our expectation,” Longfellow said. “With a tavern our concern is hours going past 10 p.m. and the things that go along with that.”

Winkler said that even though he is requesting a 1 p.m. closing time, when players are done shooting pool they leave.

“Really it’s a quiet time of the night,” Winkler said. “It’s more realistic to see people trickle out as they finish playing. Right now it’s a big, empty lot—I’m trying to bring business to the Crestwood area.”

Only one alderman abstained, therefore the vote passed and Pints and Rails should be in business within the next couple of months.



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