Sunset Hills Dentist Offers Halloween Tips for Healthy Teeth

Drop off up to 5 lbs. of unwanted candy to the office on Nov. 1 or 2 as part of their Halloween candy buy-back effort.

Last week Pediatric Dentistry of Sunset Hills offered tips on their Facebook page to ensure that your children's Halloween candy won't result in unwanted dental issues in the coming months:

  • "As soon as your monster return home sort through the candy. Remove candy they don’t really like. Because once the good candy is gone they will move on to the not so favorite candy."
  • "The most frightening candy to a kid’s teeth is sour gummy candy. Not only is it sugary and sticky but the sour flavoring is acidotic, the worst combination for anyone’s teeth."
  • "Kids with braces need to remove these orthodontic nightmares from their pile: caramels, hard candy, bubblegum, taffy, licorice, candy apples and popcorn."

The office is offering a candy buy-back on Nov. 1 and 2. Residents can trade their unwanted pound of candy for $1 (up to 5 pounds) so your 'leftovers' can be shipped to American soldiers overseas. 

They helped contribute more than 1,000 lbs. of candy last year, according to their Facebook page.


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