Seascape Studio Owner Talks Clownfish Care on "Show Me St. Louis"

Sunset Hills store owner Joe Faszl was featured on the KSDK show last week. Check out the full segment if you missed it.

A Sunset Hills fish store owner made an appearance on “Show Me St. Louis” last week to discuss proper clownfish care.

Seascape Studio owner Joe Faszl, who said a surge in clownfish sales following the release of "Finding Nemo" nearly 10 years ago, said he's seen another spike since the movie's 3D release. He wants to ensure new fish owners know what they're getting into. 

Faszl grows marine plants at his store, and even works with breeders to produce several of his store's fish--including some clownfish. 

Watch the full video on Show Me St. Louis.


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