Sunset Hills Flooding to Keep Minnie Ha Ha Park Closed, but Few Other Problems Expected

The Meramec River is forecast to crest Tuesday, and slowly recede to below flood levels by May 10.

Minnie Ha Ha Park in Sunset Hills hasn't opened since the last flooding of the Meramec River two weeks ago. And it doesn't look like it will open any time soon as rain throughout the area is causing the river to rise again, with an expected crest on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Sunset Hills bases its flood decisions on the river level gauge in Arnold, as there is no official Meramec River gauge in Sunset Hills or Fenton.

The NWS said the Meramec River level in Arnold was 29.3 feet on Friday with an expected crest of 32.1 feet forecast on Tuesday, before the river steadily drops 28.7 feet by May 10.

West Watson Road is not expected to flood until the Meramec River level reaches 32.9 feet in Arnold, according to the Sunset Hills website.

The weather service indicates that river level forecasts take into account past precipitation as well as any expected rain in the subsequent 24 hours.


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