Tequila in Oakville Wins South County's Mexican Food Fight

With so many nominees, no place won a clear majority of the votes.

 in Oakville is the winner in this week's Food Fight, in which we asked readers for their choice for best Mexican food in South County (which, for our competition's purposes, also includes north Jefferson County).

 won with 24 percent of the votes among the finalists. The results (may not equal 100 percent because of rounding) among the other finalists were:

  •  in Arnold (10 percent).
  •  in Oakville (17 percent).
  •  in Arnold (8 percent).
  • San Jose Mexican Restaurant in Crestwood (11 percent). 
  • Three Margaritas in Fenton (15 percent).
  •  at Yorkshire Plaza (11 percent).

If you're a fan of any of these places, we encourage you to click and visit their directory listing on Patch and write a review.

Voting in our Patch Mexican Food Fight poll started Thursday morning and ended at 5 p.m. Friday afternoon.

Congratulations to Tequila Mexican Restaurant for winning this week's Readers' Choice battle.

We look forward to hearing from you again next week with the next edition of our weekly Readers' Choice competition.

About this column: The South St. Louis County and Arnold Patch sites will seek the best place to get certain entrees in the area. The Food Fight will allow users to vote on their favorite place to get a burger or a latte or a steak, etc., in the area. We will ask for submissions every other Monday, post finalists the next Monday and announce the champion on Saturday. Be sure to check back to vote.


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