User Recap: Honoring a Loss, Dumping the Pump and Playing Softball

Revisit content and highlights from this week, shared by Patch-ers like you.

With the summer solstice marking the official start of the season this week, Patch is looking for some ways to highlight what Sunset Hills and Crestwood are up to to keep things cool and make the most of the warm weather. Here's a look back at what our users have shared this week:

In Local Voices: 

 Patch's veteran sailor shares an eerie encounter (or just humorous) during a time on shore patrol in Barcelona. 

 Esse Health pediatricians share some do's and don'ts on caring for a restless infant -- to hopefully gain more rest for the baby and the parents!

 Metro Transit spurred the 7th annual Dump the Pump Day this past week to encourage commuters to try public transit for a day. Is it cheaper to drive or ride? Find out in this blog.

 Our blogger from the Better Business Bureau shares advice to find the right help with air conditioning installation, replacement and fixes in the St. Louis area.

In Photos...

Thanks to Laurie Govreau-Sanneman for sharing her photos in the from the Sunset Hills aldermanic chambers dedication ceremony. Her photos worked nicely with the , honoring a long-time city attorney who passed away last November.

In Announcements...

Don't forget to share on Patch! Blog, post announcements, upload photos and make sure you nominate your picks for . Look for different categories each day and get in on the discussion.


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