Woman Uses Stun Gun On Her Ex-Lover, Then Masked Thugs Beat Him Up

There are some odd, unusual and head-scratching crime reports in the neighborhood.

Woman Stuns Ex-Boyfriend

According to Chesterfield Police, Claire Canon, 18, of Chesterfield, went to the home of her ex-boyfriend on Dec. 30 and asked him for a hug. But instead of an embrace, Canon used a stun gun on him. After initially being knocked down by the electric pulse from the stun gun, he ran from the house where he was met by three masked men who proceeded to beat him in the street. The ex recognized the voice of one of the men as Bret Lombardo, of Ballwin.

Although he was cut and bruised, the victim did not press charges. But, according to court records, Canon was charged with first-degree burglary, third-degree assault and third-degree domestic assault. Lombardo was charged with first-degree burglary and third-degree assault.

Snack Attack

A woman in Arnold reported that someone entered her unlocked vehicle on Hawksbury Court June 24 and stole several keys and bags of Doritos

Lawn Jobs Anticipated

A woman in Manchester who lives on Huntington View Drive reported that a green Poulan lawnmower was stolen from her garage June 25. Then in Fenton, a white Cub Cadet commercial lawn mower, valued at $1,200, was stolen during the Independence Day weekendfrom a home on Winter River Court.

Huffing, Not Puffing, in Kirkwood

A man in Kirkwood had just huffed fumes from an aerosol can June 27 before crashing into a statue on private property at a location on South Kirkwood Road. He was arrested.

Thieves Get Door Prizes                      

Someone stole the doors from a Jeep Wrangler on July 4 that was parked on Holland Avenue in Webster Groves.

In St. George, the doors were taken off of a Jeep July 6 in the 9200 block of Southview Lane in St. George.

A Theft That's Hard to Hide

A white 2008 Grea semi-truck trailer was reported stolen June 25 from the 10300 block of Lake Bluff Drive in Green Park.

If You Don't Like My Driving, Stay Off the Sidewalk

Sleeping in a car is not neccessarily illegal, unless the car is parked on the sidewalk. On July 7, police observed a man sleeping in his vehicle that was parked on the sidewalk at South Elm Avenue and Ambrose Way in Webster Groves. The subject was arrested for DWI.

A Car Thief Who Was a Stick-in-the-Mud

In Affton two vehicles were stolen July 4 from a home on Chivvis Avenue. Actually, one vehicle was the object of an attempted theft but the thief got the first car stuck in the mud and abandoned it. The second stolen vehicle was found in Festus.

The Shade Necessary Until the Diet Pills Work?

At a business on Highlands Boulevard in Manchester, a woman shopper on June 29 tried to steal toiletries, diet pills ... and a window shade.

Editor's note: It turns out Tasers and stun guns are not the same thing. A stun gun must be shoved up against the victim's body, a Taser can be fired from afar.


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