Sunset Hills Gets a Motorcycle-Themed Eatery; Hilarious Local Advertising Legend Dies

Advertising pitchman and business owner Steve Mizerany of New Deal, died Friday.

A new business that caught our eye is Mile 277 Tap & Grill in the Holiday Inn Viking, where the old Generations Lounge used to be. According to bar manager Nate Kirt “it’s a motorcycle themed place, but not a biker bar.”

They just opened April 3 and have live music every day starting at 8 p.m. with music on Sunday afternoons starting at 2:30 p.m. Amanda Moehle and Rachel West were the greeters the day we went and they showed off the many decorations made from motorcycle parts, including the unique motorcycle-themed faucets in the restrooms. . .

One of the most familiar people in the world of local advertising and business ownership passed away this week, but did you know he was from the Crestwood area? Steve Mizerany’s kids went to Lindbergh and he lived for a time in the Lindbergh School District. His son Vincent Mizerany said he had pneumonia. “My brother and sisters and I were all there when he died,” he said.

Mizerany was famous for his wild commercials touting “the Decent Boys” and for roller skating through his appliance showroom, as well as shouting out “4719 Gravois. . .next to the Bevo Mill. . .Don’t be confused. . .All roads lead to the New Deal!”

Steve Mizerany was 87 years old, just one month shy of his 88th birthday. He is survived by his children Steven, Cathy, and Vince Mizerany, Stephanie Dorris, and Veronica Miller. Vince Mizerany called his father “a St. Louis legend who entertained and made people laugh” with all his “silly ways.”  The Mizerany family all went to in Sunset Hills after the funeral. .  .

Have you tried out the new "Yo My Goodness" frozen yogurt shop in Crestwood. You buy and make your yummy treat by the pound—or ounces, as the case may be. It is a unique place, bright green, and really cute. . .

Institute for International Sport has handed out awards and recognitions for “enhancing the national consciousness regarding the importance of sportsmanship” and St. Louis connections are among the list. Little League Baseball and Softball is being recognized as well as The St. Louis Sports Commission and Stan Musial. The former Cardinals owner, Branch Rickey was listed in the 20 deceased individuals being recognized for promoting sportsmanship.

Sunset Hills does not have any Little League outlets, but we do have baseball/softball fields.  The Dream Fields in Sunset Hills at 13555 W Watson Rd, St Louis, Mo. 63127 offer adult baseball and softball teams.  For more information 636-349-5004.

Former St. Louis Football Cardinals star and NFL Hall of Famer Jackie Smith will be at Two Hearts Banquet Center in Sunset Hills, 4532 Lindbergh Blvd., for a Trivia Challenge being organized for Ed Martin June 18th at 7 p.m. Tables of 10 are $200.  For information: call 314-256-1777.

The Lindbergh High School Bandstanders are selling T-shirts to honor the life of marching band director Bob Spiegelman and provide a student scholarship in his name.  Spiegelman passed away last month following a courageous battle with lymphoma.  Pricing begins at $12 per shirt. For more information: http://spiritstlband.org/spiegshirt.html

Dr. Jen Rhodes will be the featured speaker at the ‘Powerful You!’ event May 6 at 11:30 a.m. at Helen Fitzgerald’s talking about chronic disease and weight loss. All welcome. For more information call: 314-578-1385.

If you need to add a few items to your spring wardrobe, Women’s Closet Exchange on Gravois is having 20 percent off all clothing and shoes this Friday and Saturday (April 22nd & 23rd.)


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