Letter to the Editor: Sperreng Teacher Carol Gloss

The Gloss family lost their home last month in a fire and since then have received a large amount of support from the community.

To the Lindbergh and Dierbergs families, and beyond:

On Wednesday, Dec. 7, our family lost our home in a fire and our world was turned upside down. Since then, it is hard to even begin describing the generous support we have received from coworkers, friends, students and even strangers in the Lindbergh Schools and Dierbergs communities.

The amount of fundraising, donations and prayers we have received has proven to us what a wonderful place St. Louis is to live and work. Your support has touched our hearts and will not be forgotten.

There are so many people we would like to thank, but it is an impossible task. Some donations were made anonymously or by people we didn’t know. 

We would like to thank our employers, Lindbergh Schools and Dierbergs, for giving us the time off we needed to get our lives organized. We now have a place to live and clothes to wear. We are beginning to rebuild our lives thanks to all of you.


Carol, Tim, Tyler, and Christopher Gloss


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