Local Voices: Poultry People, Counter-Surfing Dogs and Calling Out the GOP

Patch rounds up recent standout blog posts from Local Voices bloggers.

I’ll admit it. I’ve got a bit of an addiction to great blogs, and I’m lucky to get my blog fix right here in our Local Voices section. Every week, I find something new to love about those blogs.

Our blogging neighbors make it so easy for me with their mish-mash of newsy, localized, funny, smart and philosophical posts each week.

Check out eight of the most interesting, entertaining and/or useful posts I found around Patchland this week.

  • Green smoothies to the rescue! Local Voices blogger and Certified Holistic Health Coach Elaine King in which she teaches you how to make one of her signature drinks in a blender. The health benefits are only outweighed by the tastiness.
  • He’s calling out the GOP. Local Voices blogger and Missouri Journal editor pulls no punches in his most recent post . He says lawmakers want you to believe they’re reducing spending, but it’s still on the rise. Hook points out that spending has increased 468 percent since 1981—and he calls out specific politicians for their spending.  
  • Keep your plants alive in the heat. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been having a heck of a time keeping my flowers alive this summer. That’s why I was so glad to that explains how to keep your plants and gardens thriving in the extreme temperatures.  
  • Get those paws off my dinner! According to dog trainer and Local Voices blogger Sarah Hoth, dogs who steal food off your tables and counters are guilty of counter-surfing. Hoth explains why dogs counter-surf and what you can do to stop them in their tracks. You’ll never have to miss dinner again.
  • Forget the diet, just be healthy. Local Voices blogger and registered dietitian Emily Bailey has important news for parents and teens—diets can lead to eating disorders. , Bailey offers chilling statistics and a simple piece of advice: invest in yourself, not a diet.
  • If you’re a poultry person, you need this recipe. Local Voices blogger Dorene Olson shares a recipe for home made flock bock—but it’s not for you, it’s for your turkeys (or your chickens.) Get the scoop and the surprising recipe .
  •  Stay cool, Councilwoman. “Cool” is not just for the 70s anymore. According to Jefferson County Council representative and Local Voices blogger Renee Reuter, knocking on doors is still a good way to meet her constituents—even in the sweltering heat of the summer. , Reuter offers a rather humorous philosophy on “staying cool.”
  • The American dream might be changing, according to Local Voices blogger and financial advisor Gregory Younger. , Younger explains that many Americans are re-thinking homeownership. Only 65 percent of Americans own their own homes these days, he says. He offers an explanation and a good rundown of how you can decide whether you want to rent or own.

As you might know, this is only a very small cross-section of the Patch Local Voices blogger population. Which blog posts did you enjoy this week? Share your favorites in the comments section, below.

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