Newtown School Shootings: Sen. Chappelle-Nadal's Statement

University City's state senator released a statement on the shootings Monday.

University City — At a time like this it is difficult to know how to respond to the mass killing of innocent souls and impossible to find words to comfort the survivors. Unfortunately, we have had far too many times like this.

Each time a gunman enters a school, or a theater, or a mall and begins randomly killing people, our nation grieves and struggles to understand how such tragedies occur. We debate the effectiveness of our mental health programs, we argue over gun control measures, we vow it will never happen again, and then it does.

The fact most of the latest victims are young children shocks our conscience, but will it motivate us to consider meaningful change? Perhaps the answer lies not with our leaders in Washington, D.C. but with ourselves, in our communities.

As a member of the University City School Board, I have requested a full review of our school district’s safety policies and procedures for consideration at our next meeting. I intend to file meaningful legislation in the Missouri Senate addressing the plague of gun violence in our schools.

Education is among my top priorities as a legislator, but children cannot learn if they do not feel safe. I do not pretend to have the answers, but I do intend to begin asking serious questions in search of serious solutions.

At this time, we grieve with the parents, the grandparents and the brothers and sisters of those lost in this latest episode of senseless violence. Going forward, our solemn duty must be to ensure it does not happen again.


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