Crestwood Firefighters Assist Affton With Oven Issues in Grantwood Village

Two seperate oven-related issues occurred within 24 hours of each other in the same block of Grant Village Drive.

Units from Crestwood fire assisted the Affton Fire Protection District on two seperate oven-related issues—a fire and some leaking gas—back-to-back this month.

On August 7, first responders put out a small fire in an oven, the district said. Cooking grease likely caused the fire, which was contained in the oven, in the 7400 block of Grant Village Drive.

Almost exactly 24 hours later, firefighters were called to the same block after a caller reported smelling gas, the district said. First responders did not find a hazardous level of gas. The gas to the oven was shut off, a Laclede Gas technician observed the oven and no hazards were found.

Units from Shrewsbury and Webster Groves also responded to both issues.

And a big thank you to Andrea, who alerted us to the fires by sending an email to Lindsay.Toler@Patch.com!


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