Crestwood Meth Lab Busted Friday

At least a dozen homes in the 700 block of Fieldcrest were evacuated due to dangerous chemicals stemming from the lab.

KMOV.com reports that the got a tip regarding a methamphetamine lab at a home in the 700 block of Fieldcrest Friday morning.

After arriving, officers were standing in the street when the suspect drove by and tried to run them over. The suspect was apprehended and police recovered a hand gun believed to have been thrown out the window by the suspect.

“I’m not happy with him at all, but we’ll be going through the prosecutor’s office for the assault charge initially, and then whatever stems from the rest of this investigation,” Crestwood Police Chief Mike Paillou said in a statement.

Undercover drug officers wearing Haz-Mat gear and oxygen tanks recovered tanks, bags, boxes and bottles to be taken to an off-site location in Franklin County. The items will be disposed of.

During the bust, at least a dozen surrounding homes were evacuated due to the chemical concern stemming from the lab. Residents were allowed to return to their homes about two and a half hours later.


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