Man Charged in Crestwood, Ladue Jewelry Thefts Also Accused in Creve Coeur

Total value of items stolen in seven cases is $228,300, according to police reports.

An Ellisville man, already accused of theft-related crimes in Crestwood, Glendale, and Ladue, now can add Creve Coeur to the list.

Creve Coeur Police said Justin Roux, 22, stole four rings from a home on Chatfield Place in Creve Coeur. The rings were valued at $7,700, according to a police report.

The owner had hired a gardening service to work on her residence at the time the rings were stolen, between May 24 and May 28. A detective discovered that Roux, who worked for the gardening service, had pawned the four rings.

The Creve Coeur detective was honored earlier for solving the case and locating much of the stolen jewelry.

Roux, of the 200 block of Clayton Oaks Drive in Ellisville, was charged Wednesday with felony stealing, a class C felony.

He also faces criminal charges of stealing items valued at more than ; stealing items valued at ; and receiving stolen items valued at . All items stolen in each case were jewelry or Sterling silver.

Bail for the Creve Coeur theft was set at $10,000.


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Lisa H October 09, 2012 at 01:43 PM
DeSmet High School must be proud. Come on dude. You had it all going for you! Good schools, hockey. What an idiot.
Stephen D October 09, 2012 at 03:31 PM
Lisa, the guy must have personal issues -- gambling, dope, something. Otherwise, it's so lame if he has a solid background. How long did he expect his "winning" streak to last. I wonder if that girl he was busted with is the cause -- in her mug shot she was smirking and smiling as if nobody was gonna do a thing to her.


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