Mother Goose Gets Off with Warning and Police Escort

A roundup of odd, unusual and head-scratching crime reports in and around the area.

Once Upon a Time

They were a traffic hazard alright, but a police officer from the Manchester Police Department who was called to the scene did not ticket Mother Goose and her goslings as they jaywalked across Manchester Road near Hwy 141 on April 21. Instead, he escorted them across the roadway. In the end, they all lived happily ever after.

No Word on Whether it was Raspberry Cheesecake

One man's sweet tooth got the best of him June 10 when he was caught stealing from a business in Lafayette Center in Manchester after he put a piece of cheescake in his pocket and left the store. The value of the dessert was $1.79.

The Things We Steal

Business owners usually are aware of the need to protect their valuable goods, keeping them under lock and key and away from those seeking a five-finger discount. Not many business people, however, would even think of their waste equipment being nabbed. But that's exactly what happened in Richmond Heights June 8 when a man was arrested for stealing a sewage pump from a business on Hanley Road in Richmond Heights.

Go Figure

On June 12 in University City, someone broke the front window of the Hats-N-Stuff store on Delmar Boulevard, went inside and stole ... hats. No stuff was reported missing.

Someone Was Not Too Happy

Police in Manchester were called out on a harassment call April 3 after a woman reported finding a gift bag with a "thank you" note on the hood of her car. The problem? Inside the bag was a dead squirrel and another note with derogatory comments.

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