Police Blotter: Truck Bed Swimming Pool Water Thief Surrenders

The following is reported crime in Crestwood through May 11.

The week of May 5-11 in saw some interesting crimes committed. 

Three property damages were reported. Two car windows were smashed on Grovina. Some mailboxes were tampered with on Sunray and Pinellas.

The on Big Bend Boulevard saw yet another gas drive off on May 5. 

A license plate was stolen from a car on Fox Creek, and miscellaneous property was taken from a house on Harwich.

Lastly, on May 10, a man decided to take his swimming pool mobile. He went to 9701 Meadowfern in and stole water from the restroom facilities by hooking up a hose for a mobile swimming pool in the back of his pickup truck. After leaving with a friend, police ran the licence plate. The perpitrator returned and was issued a court summons.


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