Blotter: Vehicle Break-Ins at Lindbergh Boulevard and Watson Road Businesses

Thieves are punching car windows and locks to gain access, according to Sunset Hills Police. The department advises residents not to leave personal items in plain view.

Thieves searching for personal items in cars are no longer hindered by locked doors, according to recent Sunset Hills police reports.

Several break-ins reported to vehicles in the Sunset Hills area throughout August and September were often the product of unlocked doors. Now thieves are targeting items of value left out in the open whether or not the car is locked. Sunset Hills Police said assailants are gaining access to cars by breaking windows or punching door locks.

The following thefts were reported in the past few weeks:

  • A purse was taken from a vehicle parked at 3612 S. Lindbergh on Oct. 18.
  • Tools were taken from a truck parked in the East Commuter Lot on Oct. 22.
  • A suspect took the vehicle title from the glove box of a car parked at Longhorn Steakhouse, 3642 S. Lindbergh Blvd. on Oct. 27.
  • Items were taken from multiple cars in the Holiday Inn/Mile 277 parking lot on Nov. 4. Several of the stolen items were recovered later that morning from a vehicle in the parking lot, according to police reports.
  • The window of a vehicle was broken out in the Helen Fitzgerald's parking lot around 1:15 a.m. on Nov. 4, but no items were reported stolen. 

Two vehicles were also reported stolen in the past few weeks, including a Jeep from the East Commuter lot on Oct. 24 and a Ford F-250 from Gravois Road on Nov. 1. 

Sunset Hills police officers recovered a stolen vehicle and property at Econo Lodge on Lindbergh Boulevard on Nov. 3. They received the stolen vehicle alert from Chesterfield police. Officers recovered a second vehicle at Growler's Pub on Nov. 3, which was also reported stolen by Chesterfield Police.

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Stephen D November 12, 2012 at 05:27 PM
What sort of people go to Growler's and Helen Fitzgerald's? Lots of reports of fights, fugitive arrests, thefts, etc. from these places. Are they meth head gathering spots or just typical drunken petty criminal idiots?


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