Unknown Thieves Target Unlocked Cars in Barrington Estate, Sappington Gardens Neighborhoods

Lock up! Neighborhoods just south of Lindbergh Boulevard and Gravois Road saw several vehicle break-ins on Aug. 9.

Unidentified thieves were checking streets for unlocked cars in neighborhoods off Gravois Road, Sunset Hills police said.

Approximately seven residences on Crestwick Court, Helta Drive, Meppen Court, and Oleander Drive reported Thursday that their vehicles had been tampered with. Two residents told police items were taken. These homes are located in the Sappington Gardens, Barrington Estate, and Leebur Acres subdivisions.

The majority of the incidents were reported Thursday morning.

spokesman Dave Knight said most of the cars accessed this week were left unlocked. Thieves were looking for electronics, such as GPS devices, and loose change. 

"They don't want to draw attention," so thieves do not enter cars which would require them to break a window. 


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