Crestwood Court, Sappington Barn on Crestwood Board Agenda

The board continues their discussion on redeveloping the Watson Road mall, and will also determine a direction for the Sappington Barn Center.

Crestwood Court
is again on the plate of the Crestwood Board of Aldermen for tonight’s meeting as they continue to refine a new use for the near-vacant space.

The board stated in July they’d been “underwhelmed” by an informal proposal from Centrum Properties this summer, which focused on live entertainment components and a multipurpose plaza for special events. During last month’s meeting they recommending moving forward with an RFP for planning services.


Sappington House Barn
The board will also review eight proposals submitted for the vacant Sappington Barn Center, 1015 S Sappington Rd.

The site was mostly utilized as a restaurant and special event space, and experienced relatively quick turnover. The Barn went through four changes of management from 2000 until 2010, when the left, according to previous Patch reports. 

City staff previously recommended entertaining other uses for the space in order to develop a consistent stream of revenue for the city, though members of the Sappington House Foundation support maintaining it as a restaurant. A call for proposals in April went unanswered.

Staff did not submit a recommendation to the board for Tuesday’s meeting, according to a memo from Public Services Director James Eckrich. 


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John Dough August 14, 2012 at 07:31 PM
If the can't come to a simple decision to move forward.. the least they can do is vote to change the tumble weed ...in the mall...


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