Election Q&A: Crestwood Ward 1 Alderman

Darryl Wallach is running unopposed in the April 3 election.

Crestwood's Ward 1 Alderman Darryl Wallach is running unopposed in the April 3 election. He took the time, however, to update the voters on what his goals are for his next term.

Patch: (For those who currently are serving on the board.) What were some of your goals coming onto the board, and how do you think those have or have not been accomplished?

Wallach: One of the goals was the “Shop Crestwood First” mentality such as I recommended the “Discover Crestwood” campaign, which has been a success of highlighting our valuable businesses. 

Patch: How long have you lived in the City of Crestwood? Can you tell me a little about your family? Where your kids go to school?

Wallach: My wife, Laurie, and I are proud 15 year residents. We are members of Ascension Lutheran Church and we participate/volunteer in the Crestwood Make a Difference Day. We have no children but have three dogs. 

Patch: What do you love most about your community?

Wallach: Crestwood has wonderful citizens, safe neighborhoods, low crime, parks and trails. Bloomberg BusinessWeek named Crestwood best place to raise kids in Missouri.

Patch: What is the biggest issue facing the City of Crestwood today and how do you plan on addressing that issue as a board member?

Wallach: The recent closing of Sears and Barnes and Noble has created a challenge on our revenue stream for this year and the future. We need to continue to operate within our available resources to restore our financial health by bringing in more shops, restaurants etc. to offset this loss.   

Patch: What would be your proposal to the City regarding Crestwood Court?

Wallach: The revitalization of Crestwood Court must be done in such a way as to provide a lifeline of prosperity for our present and future generations. We will need input from our residents to assist in shaping of this development. It is my hope that the redevelopment creates a destination spot. I would not be opposed to something similar to “The Boulevard” in Richmond Heights type of development.     

Patch: What are your goals as a board member?

Wallach: Focus on support of our police, firefighters, street maintenance and our parks. We must plan, develop and maintain these quality services. Continued advocate for open communications and transparency in government.




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