Election Q&A: Sunset Hills Ward 4 Alderman

The Ward 4 race is between Art Havener and Mike Svoboda.

Both Art Havener and Mike Svoboda are running for the aldermanic seat for Ward 4 on the Sunset Hills Board of Aldermen. As a reminder, the election is Tuesday, April 3. Each candidate was asked exactly the same questions. Candidates could choose to answer all or some of the questions.

Art Havener's Patch Q&A can be found by clicking .

Mike Svoboda's Patch Q&A can be found by clicking . 

Elliot March 30, 2012 at 02:43 AM
The way most people view this race, residents will need to decide whether to vote for Havener, a new face with a fresh perspective and loads of professional experience, or Svoboda, a former one-term Mayor who has been known to tell residents to "get your head out of your b***" Ok, yeah, that's really tough decision to make.


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