Mayor Nolan Hears Residential Recovery Task Force Recommendation

The task force met yesterday to finalize their proposal to the Planning and Zoning committee Wednesday, Sept. 7.

The Sunset Hills Residential Recovery Task Force met yesterday afternoon to recommend that the existing Sunset Hills Comprehensive Master Plan be revised to designate the entire “recovery area” for residential, single family housing and/or a courtyard style development, or a combination of both. The development plan will not include any high rise structures, apartments or condos. There will be no consideration given to developers for the expansion of commercial developments into the “recovery area.”

Sunset Hills Mayor William Nolan Jr. approved the committee’s recommendation and invited them to present a proposal to the Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday, Sept. 7, to further determine how the recovery area will be redeveloped. The meeting will include residential developers and representatives of financial institutions and real estate agencies. The public also is welcome to comment on any of the presented recommendations.

“Thank you all for attending the meeting. I appreciate all of your efforts to work together to restore the areas of Sunset Hills most affected by last year’s tornado,” Nolan said. “The residential solutions that you have proposed will yield maximum benefits for the residents of our community.”

Property owners living in the recovery area who wish to participate in the redevelopment plan will be required to repair, renovate and/or demolish inhabitable structures and substructures (foundations, etc.) and remove rubble and cut weeds and grass, in accordance with applicable City ordinances as soon as possible. Qualified property owners living in the tornado affected area will have the opportunity to partner with local lending institutions to acquire funds for approved redevelopment, or the rebuilding, repair or renovation of their properties.

All property owners wishing to participate in any redevelopment plans will have the sole responsibility for selling their existing homes in private seller negotiations with any prospective buyers. No redevelopment plans will infringe on residents who wish to remain in their existing homes and not participate in the plans.

Property owner Paul Witbrodt, said, “I appreciate the work of the Task Force to reach a resolution with the city and developers. My neighbors and I are currently in limbo and this would be great time for us to move forward.”

Frank Pelligrino, Dave Witbrodt and other committee members closed the meeting and hoped  the Task Force’s decisions will benefit present owners who hope to stay in their homes as well as owners who wish to sell and buy other homes in the area.


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