Meeting Preview: Choosing Planner for Crestwood Court Redevelopment, Public Hearing for Lindbergh Boulevard PetroMart

The Crestwood and Sunset Hills boards of aldermen, and Lindbergh School District board meet Tuesday, Sept. 11. Other items slated for discussion include a new tenant for the Sappington Barn Center and a Sunset Hills dog park.

Crestwood aldermen

Public hearing: 2012 property tax rates

Old business: The alderman will choose a firm to oversee planning services for redevelopment. The city received two formal proposals, according to the city administrator’s executive summary. The board will also discuss whether they will  (tax increment financing) as a viable option for the mall's redevelopment. If TIF funding is approved, portions of revenue from nearby taxing districts would fund the project. Portions of new taxes generated by the finished development would repay the project costs. 

The city’s parks board narrowed a list of down to three. Aldermen will discuss a possible second location for Richmond Heights’ Fozzie’s Sandwich Emporium, a new concept from Sunset Hills manager Mike Mathes, and a ‘farm to table’ concept from Karen Mott called The Barn.

Other notable items: this month’s agenda includes a proclamation to honor resident Thomas Stelmachowicz, who has officiated more than 15,000 softball games in the St. Louis area since 1978. Stelmachowicz, who still oversees games at Whitecliff Park, is being honored with the Tom Stelmachowicz Home Plate, which will be installed at the park.


Sunset Hills aldermen

Public hearing: Land West #7 presents their plan to construct a PetroMart just south of the Interstate 44 interchange on Lindbergh Boulevard. The construction would require several changes to Lindbergh Boulevard, including a raised median separating north- and southbound traffic, a new traffic light at Lindbergh and Monica, and likely the consolidation of some driveways on the southbound side of the road. The request includes a zoning change, lot consolidation, conditional use permit, and preliminary development plan. The request from businesses on the west side of Lindbergh Boulevard at the August meeting of the city's planning and zoning commission.

New business: discussion on a grant-in-aid for construction of a dog park. A new nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving green space around the city has identified a space on Eddie & Park Road for the project, according to a report from Call newspapers. The is slated for next month.

Old business: 2012 tax levy rate

Canceled: A request for a text amendment by resident Al Moore to operate the former Paraclete property as a cultural center has been withdrawn. Moore has , which will be discussed at next month’s planning and zoning commission meeting. Because libraries are already listed as a conditional use in a residential zone, a text amendment will not be required. 


View the agenda for the Lindbergh School District meeting on the district's Boarddocs site.


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