Moore Cultural Center Proposal Narrowed to Library, Exhibit Space

Sunset Hills resident Al Moore's revised plan for the Paraclete includes a library and exhibit space. Neighbors still want more specific information on its impact to Tapawingo residents.

Nearly 20 individuals spoke during open comment after hearing a re-tooled plan for the Moore Cultural Center during Wednesday night's planning and zoning commission meeting, which is now being pitched as a community library. While several neighbors to the former Paraclete property said they found the new proposal encouraging, they asked planning commission members to table a decision until next month so all residents can discuss the revised project.

“We don’t believe there’s enough information that’s been shared. It’s an eleventh-hour compromise,” said Manors of Tapawingo resident Don Hagen. “Additional details should be filed with the city in writing so the concerned citizens have time to properly consider what these details are.”

In early August longtime resident Al Moore proposed , with activities ranging from children's theater to artist's retreat. The plan included . Commission members were expected to take a vote on his request Wednesday night, until Moore and his associates offered up what he believes is a “workable solution for all” following discussions with Tapawingo residents.

The amended proposal, the Moore Library at Tapawingo, drops several suggested arts and culture uses. The new plan would still allow for some exhibit space, Moore said.

Jim Johnston, who’s assisting Moore with the proposal, said they’ve already amassed a collection of more than 1,000 children’s books, 100 history volumes, and 500 pieces of fiction.

The library would primarily serve Sunset Hills residents, but remain open to the general public.

Many residents who spoke after the presentation on Moore’s proposal, particularly in regards to its business plan and effects on neighborhood safety.

Planning commission members voted to table the decision until their October meeting so they may see a more detailed plan from Moore.

The site’s carriage house was once proposed as a new home for the St. Louis Children’s Illustrated Art Museum, according to South County Times. Moore previously told the South County Times that he also considered using the property to house the city’s first public library, the report said.

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