New Laws: Move Over For MoDOT; No-Call for Cellphones and Faxes

Plus, find out what the new measures mean for childhood asthma sufferers in school and the next presidential primary date.

Missourians woke up to a bevy of new laws, which went into effect Tuesday.

  • Among them is Senate Bill 568, which adds vehicles driven by Missouri Department of Transportation employees to provisions in the state's "Move Over Law." Until now, the law has only applied to law enforcement vehicles. The MoDOT vehicle must display "amber or amber and white lights."
  • House Bill 1036 moves the date for Missouri's presidential primary from the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March to the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February. It also eliminates the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February and June as dates for an election.
  • HB1188 allows a school nurse to administer asthma rescue medications under certain circumstances.
  • HB1549 Adds cell phones and fax machines to eligible participants under the state's no-call law meant to ward off some unwanted telemarketing pitches.

For a complete list of what bills were "Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed," including bills that were also vetoed by Gov. Jay Nixon, see the Missouri General Assembly's website. 

Missouri state lawmakers are scheduled to return to Jefferson City for the veto override session next in September.



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