North Carolina Resident Will Bring 'Farm to Table' Menu to New Crestwood Restaurant

In just a few months you can sample Karen Mott's breakfast and lunch menu at The Barn!

Crestwood aldermen have welcomed a North Carolina resident into the local business community as the new tenant of Sappington House Barn. 

Aldermen tabled a motion two weeks ago to choose one of three recommended tenants, hoping to hear from management at Richmond Heights' Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium. Representatives with Fozzie's, however, withdrew their request to convert the barn into a second location for the sandwich shop.

After a failed motion in favor of a concept from Sunset Hills resident Mike Matthes, aldermen approved N.C. resident Karen Mott as the new tenant. Mott was the choice favored by the city's park board, as well as the Sappington House Library of Americana Trust.

Mott's proposal, The Barn, will serve traditional American items for breakfast and lunch. Mott said she wants to use fresh ingredients and "will capitalize on the Farm to Table trend that is so far unavailable in Crestwood," according to her proposal to the city. She's also been in contact with one area culinary school to discuss the possibility of externships for students.

Earlier this month Mott told the board she wants residents to see her establishment as a sort of “community living room,” and would encourage groups to think of it as a meetingplace.

Mott said she intends to apply for a liquor license. Her concept includes plans for special events such as monthly cocktail hours and comedy nights. 

While Mott seemed hesitant about rushing to have operations running in time for the holidays, she said she did imagine a soft opening in late December or early January. 


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Brian Docks March 25, 2013 at 12:15 AM
The menu is mainly focused on breakfast, but there aren't many choices for Lunch. Salad, Burger, Chicken. All overpriced. I can go to McDonalds for way less money and actually get better quality than what I was served that day. You will not leave that place for less than $10.00. A burger will cost you $7.99 and if you want to upgrade yourself to a piece of cheese, it'll cost you another 75 cents, must be some really high quality stuff. The burger looks as big as what you can get from a McDonalds dollar menu, definitely not $8.75 worth of food, especially if the quality is anywhere near what I had with my chicken sandwich. The chicken sandwich which cost $7.99, which included a piece of cheese (no additional charge) and bacon. Strange how that chicken doesn't cost that much less than ground beef to have such a price differential when you get cheese and bacon with it. The Chicken sandwich was nothing spectacular, overcooked was one word to describe it. I think the bacon was probably the only thing that wasn't overdone. Along with the dried bird, I had drenched in oil hash browns, which were only top cooked, and raw on the bottom. The amount of oil left on my plate after eating was disgusting and made me feel like fast food wasn't really all the bad, compared to "fresh from the farm" To be continued....
Brian Docks March 25, 2013 at 12:18 AM
If this new owner is working with a culinary school, she really should take a second look at the quality they are producing, because it is not worth anywhere near the amount she charges. Overall, the service was horrible, the prices ridiculous and the food, well I might as well stayed home and cooked my own lunch.
Heidi Fischer March 29, 2013 at 01:50 AM
I have been to The Barn once a week since it has opened and have not once had the experience that Brian has had. I found the wait staff to be attentive and friendly and found the food to be hearty and delicious. Every time I have been there the restaurant has been packed wall to wall with people and the employees still find the time to be attentive, friendly and thorough. One of my new favorite spots in Crestwood!
Joan Schaper May 09, 2013 at 01:54 PM
Thank you Heidi. My exact sentiments. Brian must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. I have never read such derogatory remarks.. I have been on opening day with large groups and have been a large group. On both occasions the service was tops and the food was great and served hot. I.m a fresh food gal. I cook all fresh and I love to eat. Karen and her daughter Karla do an excellent job. Brian apparently is unaware of the high costs the restaurant industry has been under of late. These costs are spread out not only in food and beverage, but your wait staff, your cooks. linen services, insurance on and on. My grocery budget has risen I don't know how many times of late. The prices keep on increasing, The packaging decreasing, our incomes stay the same. Brian should try living on a fixed income. From seniors to family's with children and all the betweens that have to budget it is tough. And what makes it even tougher is when a "nobler-than- thou" has such negative comments. McDonald's I'm sure will welcome this reporter for his business but I am pleased to say that The Barn is a regular spot for me. I have never felt so welcomed our enjoyed such hospitality and good good -n-hot good food in a long time. I will be a breakfast regular. Think about it folks. Until you try it yourself you will never really know...and remember, it's all about attitude. Have a good day all you Patch readers. Joan Schaper,Crestwood
Joan Schaper May 09, 2013 at 02:33 PM
Brian where else can you go with a full staff at your service? Stop and think this through. The prices are fair.How do you think McDonald"s operates. They put out bids for every part of their operations That's why they can hold costs to a minimum, but only for so long. And yes you can go to QT for a big gulp. When I read your article I couldn't believe we are referring to the same place.I have been there on opening day and with a group and both times I highly enjoyed it and will be going back often and recommending it to all. I like The Barn Breakfast. Two eggs,bacon or sausage, I like sausage , hash browns or grits and toast $5.99 and bottomless coffee $1.99. And I'm stuffed. =$8. Attitude Brian, Attitude. Patch reader, Joan Schaper


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