Paul Duchild Named Crestwood Board of Aldermen President

Duchild was nominated by Alderman Jerry Miguel, saying that Duchild earned his opportunity to serve as president.

Ward III Alderman Paul Duchild has been voted board president by his peers. Duchild, who is serving his second term, was nominated by Alderman Jerry Miguel.

"Alderman Duchild has served on the Ways and Means Committee—he has a good understanding of the city's financial issues and the challenges, which I think is also extremely important in that position," Miguel said. "Those positions are challenging and require a great deal of time."

Newly-elected Alderman Robert Deutschmann also received a nominated from Alderman Jerry Foote. 

"I've looked around and most of us here, with the exception of a few, have served as board presidents," Foote said. "There's one individual who has been the most reliable attendee of residents for years and years and years and that's Alderman Deutschmann. He'll be here for one year and is very much aware of what goes on in the city. I think he would be an excellent president."

Even though Miguel has known Deutschmann for more than 30 years, and said that he also would be a very good choice, at the same time he felt that the position of president of the board needs to be an individual who would be capable of stepping in and serving as mayor should that be necessary. He also argued that Duchild has been influential in his pronouncements to the board.

"On occasion he has influenced my thinking on an issue," Miguel said. "Alderman Duchild is the single member of the board who has, in my view, earned the opportunity to serve as president."

Duchild was voted in with a 7-1 vote. 


John Dough May 09, 2012 at 12:40 PM
Hopefully he will have the courage to mount an investigation into the Crestwood Police department...which has been requested in public on several occasions.
John Dough May 09, 2012 at 06:03 PM
Residents should note that Duchild voted not to give Former city administrator Petree Eastmann a $70,000 dollar settlement.. They should also note that at a 2 1/2% sales tax the vendors of crestwood would have to sell 2,800,000...That my friends is a lot of hamburgers the new Culvers will have to sell before they break even.


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