Two Men, Mama Lucia’s Pizza Trucks Feeling Tight Squeeze

Motorists may be restricted to lot parking by the businesses on Gravois Industrial Court.

Safety is the main reason that and Mama Lucia’s Pizza wrote a request to Sunset Hills’ public works department. Jeremy Yates, a representative for Two Men, wrote in the letter that the trucks from both locations at 10966 and 10989 Gravois Industrial Court must get into the oncoming lane of opposing traffic to make the turns with cars currently parked on the street.

“This exposes the pedestrian traffic to the danger of a head-on collision with a large truck,” Yates wrote. “It also exposes the parked vehicles in front of our property for contact.”

Darrell Long of Mama Lucia’s also stated in the letter as requesting the area designated as a no parking area because he feels “there is an inherent safety risk for the public if it is kept as a parking designation.”

City Engineer/Public Works Director Anne Lamitola, said that she and the street superintendent personally looked at the part of Gravois Industrial in question.

“I was concerned that there was inadequate parking in the lots, but there is adequate parking—street parking is just more convenient for nearby businesses,” she said. “I do not have an opposition to granting this.”

Two Men trains every driver in an eight-hour written defensive driving course and the Safety Council takes every driver on a one-hour safety road course before they are allowed to operate large trucks.

In order for this area to be designated for no parking, an ordinance must be adopted by the Board of Alderman. The street department would then place signage. Two signs are likely needed, and the approximate cost for material and labor for the signs is $400.

The public works committee unanimously approved the motion for safety reasons. The ordinance will go before the board at the next BOA meeting.


Sacramento Movers June 19, 2012 at 09:44 PM
We like the article on safety and trying to be proactive about a situation. We are safety-minded as well. Read all about our location of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK/ Sacramento your Sacramento Movers Who Care on our website at http://www.twomensacaramento.com


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