Unanswered Questions Highlight Crestwood Board of Aldermen Meeting

Public comments included questions regarding former City Administrator Petree Eastman, Prop S and the Crestwood Court proposal.

Tuesday night’s Crestwood Board of Aldermen meeting saw a packed house, undoubtedly ready to hear a proposal from the owners of Crestwood Court. However, sometime during the week, that item had been taken off the agenda once again. During the mayor’s report, Mayor Jeff Schlink did mention that Centrum is working vigorously to move forward with a proposal for the city. 

"When they do come it will not be the full plan, just the concept and let the public 'chew on that' over time once we have names attached to businesses," Schlink said.

The public comment portion of Tuesday's Crestwood Board of Aldermen meeting ended up being the liveliest part of the night. Jim Rook of Grand Ridge Lane thinks extending Prop S taxes should be put on the election ballot for the voters to decide. He urged the board to put on the ballot an extension of Prop S until 2013. 

"I've never met a city worker that wasn't friendly and they do a good job," Rook said. 

Alderman Jerry Miguel followed up on Rook's suggestion, asking if it would be appropriate for the board to look at the city's revenues and expenditures. 

"I think this is something that could begin even though we have the election coming up. It's a discussion that could begin even at the next meeting," Miguel said. "If the board is going to consider doing something relative to Prop S in August, even beginning now would be a relative short time frame."

Miguel said that putting the item as a topic on the agenda for the next meeting was merely a suggestion; he wasn't asking for a vote. 

Alderman Deborah Beezley agreed that this was a topic that she had been extremely interested in for a long amount of time. She asked if Prop S could be extended one more year without it going on a ballot and after a short discussion, Schlink said that option would be available. 

Also in Rook's public comment, he asked if the city administrator resigned, as noted in the South County Times article . The question was referred to City Attorney Robert Golterman.

"At this point and time what can be said is that the former city administrator is no longer the city administrator and Karl Krestler is the acting city administrator, and that is the only thing we can state publicly," Golterman said.

Another citizen commented about the Sunshine Law, referring to the closed session minutes in which Petree Eastman was discussed. Golterman said that the Sunshine Law has been followed to the letter. Another comment referred to the Times article once again. The article said "In February, Eastman rubbed some citizens the wrong way by allowing gay couples to participate in the Crestwood Valentine's Day Run."

"I think that's very defaming to the city that we are living in 2012 and as a citizen of the city I am very upset about this," the citizen said. "Tying that into this particular issue—we are entitled to know what this city is spending—legal or otherwise."

Golterman defended the city saying that he did not say that the facts of the Times story are correct. 

In other news, To the Pointe Studio of Dance received its awaited Conditional Use Permit to operate their dance studio at 9298 Watson Industrial Court. Holly Smith, owner, said that they signed a 3-year lease for this specific location and hope to stay there for a very long time. 

Alderman Chris Pickel commended Smith on being a Crestwood success story, having grown from 12 students to about 50-55. Beezley echoed his sentiments.

"We are very excited that you've chosen Crestwood as a location for your dance studio and we thank you for your time," Beezley said. 

In closing, Schlink reminded people to exercise their right to vote Tuesday, April 3.

John Dough March 28, 2012 at 12:24 PM
'Cloudy with a chance of of rain' best discribes the Sunshine law to me in Crestwood. It seems that 'they' only supply the absolute minimum of information to questions from the public. I'm still not sure if anybody got a straight answer to any of the questions.. That is about par for the course at these meetings I have found. As for the Eastman situation looks like it might not be a good Idea to discuss Monetary setlements (if any) this close to the election..(I think she did have a contract) correct me if I'm wrong. The good citizens of Crestwood can only hope they achieve more in the closed meetings than they do in the open ones....
Marie Wolf March 30, 2012 at 02:18 PM
I, too, have serious concerns about the lack of information we have received from our elected officials regarding Ms Eastman. None of the three issues listed in the papers warrants firing someone over. There is definitely more to the story than we are being told. If it is true that the CA had a contract with the city for $94.000 annually, how long was the contract for and how much money are we going to pay out of our tax monies to make this issue go away. How many times are we going to make this same mistake before we learn that maybe we aren't qualified to hire individuals for this position.
John Dough March 30, 2012 at 02:56 PM
The board of aldermen just approved another $1500 a month to Mr Kestler's base salary ( the acting CA.). The good news is Crestwood has a surplus of $842,466.... which would support this increase to Mr. Kestler for almost 47 years...should he wish to remain in the position.
Alyssa Stahr March 30, 2012 at 03:57 PM
Yes, read this too. I am doing more research on the Sunshine Law and hope to have more information early next week. I want to know what's going on here too!
John Dough March 30, 2012 at 05:23 PM
You may want to contact the Missouri Sunshine coalition http://missourisunshine.org/ if you haven't already. I have found them very helpful .


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