Long Elementary Throws Olympic-Themed Party

Parent Heather Stork kindly sent in a photo gallery of the "Summer Games."

The London Summer Olympics aren’t until August, but celebrated early. Students’ parents planned an Olympics-themed party this week to send the fifth graders off to middle school held. 

Their version of the games held in had kids divided into groups of countries to compete. There even was a visit from the Queen of England, aka Principal Dr. Brian McKenney. There was a full day of activities divided into morning games and afternoon games. “Olympians” competed for gold, silver, bronze and copper metals in relay races, water balloon toss, water gun target shooting and foods around the world.

A special DVD filled with six years of school memories played, and to close out the day fifth graders walked through the halls and out the front door of Long to applause from underclassmen, school staff and family members.


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