Not for the Superstitious: Black Cat at Crestwood Animal Control Seeks New Home

MenLang has lived at the Whitecliff Park shelter his entire life. The city's animal control officer said it's because people still have a stigma against owning black cats.

Is it really bad luck to own a black cat? 

It's certainly bad luck for some shelter animals, whose color alone seems to prevent them from going home with a new family.

"Whether people really are superstitious or not, the black-ish type cats and dogs are always the last to go!" Crestwood Animal Control officer Nancy Hunt writes on their web page. 

No matter what the reason, it means some available animals remain at the shelter through several cycles of adoptions. MenLang, a 1-year-old black cat, has lived at the shelter his entire life, Hunt said, and could thrive with a young family. He cooperates well with dogs and children, and most cats.


Also available for adoption:

Molly is a 3-year-old tortoiseshell who came in pregnant, gave birth to a single still-born kitten and has been here almost a year. Molly is very sweet and loves people. She cooperates well with dogs and some other cats, as well as children.

Emma is a dilute calico (tortoiseshell) who is "picky about her people. Emma likes some people, but but not others." She doesn't care much for being picked up or carried around. "I think she would be much better in a home environment than she is here," writes 

View other pets available for adoption on the Crestwood Animal Control page. Animal Control also keeps track of lost and found pets.


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Melinda Shannon September 14, 2012 at 02:30 PM
Although I hope that all of your shelter animals find a great forever home as fast as possible, some shelters prefer not to adopt out black cats too close to Halloween.


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